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Exquisite Communities in the High Desert

   Colonia Real

Madera Canyon


Madera Shadows

Madera Reserve




   These subdivisions just South East of Green Valley are the embodiment of high desert living, back dropped by the beautiful Santa Rita Mountain Range and the historic Santa Rita Forest Reserve.

    Sunrise, sunset and natural desert views with every home are the definition of Madera Canyon and these pristine home sites.

   Thirty-five minutes away is the Tucson International Airport  and the Madera Canyon Recreation Area with it’s higher elevations grant relief to desert dwellers during the hot months and allows access to snow during the winter is mere minutes from your front door.

   A world-renowned location for bird watching, Madera Canyon is a major resting place for migrating species, while the extensive trail system of the Santa Rita Mountains is easily accessed from the Canyon’s campground and picnic areas.

Friends of Madera Canyon is a non-profit organization which
will provide you access to many interesting and fulfilling volunteer
opportunities such as hummingbird banding and surveying.
But your best reward will be that you have helped
preserve a special piece of our Nation’s wilderness habitat.


The Santa Rita Experimental Range


The Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER) was originally established by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902. In 1908 the Dragoon, Santa Catalina and Santa Rita National Forests were established as the Coronado National Forest and from the beginning to now is has grown to 53,159 acres.


Why is the range important to the Madera Canyon home sites?

It’s your backyard.

   The range lies at the foot of the Santa Rita Mountains and is characterized by small areas of steep, stony foothills and a few isolated buttes, but the greater part consists of long, gently sloping alluvial fans. Upper fans slope steeply and are cut by canyons and arroyos while lower elevations consist of terraces, breaks, or low escarpments and numerous gullies.

   The mountains range from 2,900 feet to 5,200 feet with an average rainfall of 10 to 20 inches per year.  Greater rainfall decreases temperatures, soils are darker and have a higher content of organic matter and create a vast range of vegetation. Velvet mesquite is dominant, with prickly pear cactus, mimosa, cholla cactus and creosote bushes close behind.

   Perennial grasses change with elevation and rainfall and fauna can range from mule deer, collared peccaries, quail and coyote. Visitors travel through the SPER every year enroute to Madera Canyon, a popular bird-watching activity.

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