13 GV Recreation Sites/Pools


Major Centers

Canoa Hills Social Center
3660 South Camino del Sol
625-6200 – Office
625-9913 – Lobby
Includes: Pool, spa, fitness center, Bocce courts, tennis courts, picnic area with charcoal BBQ grilles, art exhibition center, large meeting room, catering kitchen, small stage, and wood dance floor

Canoa Ranch Social Center
5750 S Turquoise Mountain Drive
547-3975- Office
Includes: indoor pool spa, fitness room, multipurpose room, and an office.

Desert Hills Social Center
2980 South Camino del Sol
625-5221 – Office
Includes: Pool, spa, sauna, art studio, lapidary studio, ceramics studio, art exhibition center, auditorium with stage, catering kitchen, meeting rooms, shuffleboard courts, billiards, fitness room, and tennis courts.

East Social Center
7 South Abrego Drive
625-4641 – Office
Includes: Pool, spa, sports court, volleyball court, fitness center, billiards, art room, auditorium with stage, kitchen, shuffleboard courts, lapidary studio, rose garden, and tennis courts.

Las Campanas Social Center
565 West Belltower Drive
648-7669 – Office
Includes: Pool, spa, meeting room, kitchen, fitness center, racquetball courts, and tennis courts.

Recreation Village at Santa Rita Springs
921 West Via Rio Fuerte
393-0360 – Office
Includes: Pool, spa, fitness room, clay studio, computer club, camera studio and darkroom, dance studio, kitchen, and meeting rooms.


West Social Center
1111 Via Arcoiris
625-0288 – Office
625-9914 – Patio
Includes: Pool, spa, lapidary studio, wood shop, gift shop, billiards, large auditorium and stage, meeting rooms, shuffleboard, tennis courts and tennis center, catering kitchen, and art exhibition center.

Volunteer Center – Located in West Social Center
Phone: 547-3974
Hours: Monday through Friday 10am – 2pm


  Satellite Centers

Abrego North
1601 North Abrego Drive
399-1529 – Pool
Includes: Pool, spa, and meeting room

Abrego South
1655 S. Abrego Drive
625-5443 – Pool
Includes: Pool, spa, meeting room, and shuffleboard courts

Casa Paloma I
400 West Circulo del Paladin

648-9957 – Pool
Includes: Pool, spa, meeting room, and shuffleboard courts

Casa Paloma II
330 N. Calle del Banderolas
648-0486 – Pool
Includes: Pool, spa, meeting room, and shuffleboard courts

Continental Vistas
906 West Camino Guarina
625-5215 – Pool
Includes: Pool, spa, and meeting room

Madera Vista
440 South Camino del Portillo
625-2436 – Pool
Includes: Pool, spa, shuffleboard courts, tennis court, picnic Ramada with gas BBQ grilles, and meeting room.



Member Services Center
1070 South Calle de las Casitas
625-3440 – Office
Includes: Administration, Membership, Reservations, Building Services, & Recreation

Major Center Office hours are:
8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday
September through April

Some Center Offices may be closed during the summer months.




Administrative Office